Painting pictures by children

Children throughout the world have been painting pictures for centuries. It is a universal form of expression and has a powerful ability to capture complex emotion, despite their young age. Paint is often seen as a medium to help children develop basic skills. From seven months old they can begin to express with use of colours and visual shapes. As they grow these skills naturally progress and as parents or guardians watch proudly, they see how the skill develops.

Recently, much of the research done on the creativity in art by children has shown encouraging results. Painting helps promote not just creativity, but independence and imagination too, thus engaging those all-important developmental processes in children. In fact, research has now shown that the quality of the art produced when children are given free reign over their choices while painting and expressing themselves is actually quite impressive. Children can create complex paintings and stories with simple brush strokes and bright colours. From abstract art to more realistic works depicting people, animals, and nature, these young artists have been inspiring us with their talent and passion for art from an early age.

Most child-led art classes emphasise the importance of allowing children freely to explore different painting mediums such as crayons, markers and paints without any limitations on their imagination or expression. Through this open-ended approach to painting kids can develop various cognitive development skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, prioritising tasks and exploring new mediums due to their inexperience with them. They also learn important social skills such as cooperation and collaboration from peer interaction while they work on shared projects together.

Painting also benefits physical development as it encourages fine motor-skills including finger dexterity which is essential in life long activities such as handwriting. Moreover, it can help foster good mental health habits through providing a sense of accomplishment. Watching a piece of artwork turn into something real sparks feelings of enjoyment with children far beyond the satisfaction they receive from academic or skillful activities.

In conclusion, painting pictures by children is a magical process that provides wide ranging benefits such as developing motor-skills and increasing creativity, compassion and confidence in kids through self expression. It is clear why it has stood the test of time as a source of education for centuries.

For those of us who have an interest in art but don’t necessarily have the experience or confidence needed to dive right into painting, a great intro to painting pictures is the traditional paint by numbers. This method of painting allows absolute beginners to create beautiful pictures without ever having to know the ins and outs of traditional painting techniques.

The concept is simple – each box on the pre-prepared canvas is filled in with one colour only. All you need to do is fill each box in with the corresponding colour that you can find on the included colour palette, and at the end you will have created a flawless picture. Just like a puzzle or coloring book, but with much larger scale results.

Paint by numbers kits make it easy for newcomers to painting to get started as soon as they open their kit, and can be a lot less intimidating than starting from scratch. You’ll receive an outline canvas, usually of a nature or landscape scene, that has been divided up into numbered boxes. Each number will correspond with a specific shade from the supplied paint palette – all you need to do is match up each numbered area with the corresponding colours!

The great thing about paint-by-numbers sets is that they are suitable for any age and ability, so they’re perfect if you want to introduce someone young to painting or just dabble in it yourself. It can even be great fun if done together, such as a family bonding activity or just having friends over for pizza and painting night. As your skills grow, so too can your ambition. Paint-by-numbers sets are available with both simple and complex scenes so once you feel comfortable and gain new skills, you can progress onto more advanced projects.

Remember that there aren’t any rules with art and you should think of paint by numbers as a chance to immerse yourself in some creative fun – whatever end result you get should be something you’re proud of because you’ve put in the effort!